If you enjoy nice warm showers and washing your dishes in hot water, you need to make sure that you stay on alert for signs that tell you that there is a possibility that your water heater is having trouble. After all, it could be only a matter of time before it stops working altogether and you are left with freezing cold water. Call the water heater repair technician the moment you notice any of these issues:

It Is Making Sounds That Startle You During The Night

The fact is, these sounds are most likely being made during the day as well since your water heater can't distinguish between daylight and nighttime hours. However, it might seem like it does when you hear the majority of the loud, and startling, sounds during the night. The reason this is the time you will hear the sounds clearer is because the house and your neighborhood is much more likely to be quiet during the night. You simply notice the sounds a lot easier. If you happen to hear sounds that resemble something being tossed around inside of the water heater, you will need to call for professional assistance.

The Water Is Staying Brown In Color

You do not want to make the mistake of drinking any brown water, especially considering what could be causing the discoloration. First, before calling for a repair to the water heater, you will want to confirm that the brown water is not actually a result of an outside problem. For example, when crews from the water company have to work on a nearby main water line, there is a chance that you and your neighbors are going to have brown water for a few hours. If you discover that your neighbors have brown water, then you can rule out the possibility of a problem with your water heater. Should this not be the case, then you might have some rust forming along the inside of the tank. As the rust breaks off, it mixes with the water and turns it brown in color.

Your Water Is Never As Warm As You Want

If you find that you simply cannot get the temperature of the water warm enough, or that it is never staying warm for too long, you will want to contact a water heater repair technician. Whether it is just a small heating element that needs to be replaced, or the entire tank needs to be swapped out, this is something you want to have resolved quickly.

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