After investing in a folder gluer, learn some strategies that will help you use the equipment. The cardboard design that you prepare will influence the quality of each batch of corrugated and non-corrugated materials that are run through the new folder gluer.

The Layout Of The Design

Carefully align the design that is being printed on each piece of cardboard. If there are any discrepancies in the design's layout, in relation to where a score mark is going to be made, a batch of cardboard materials that are run through the folder gluer will not meet your quality control standards.

Before print is added to a batch of cardboard materials, conduct a sample run. First, design a cardboard prototype. The prototype should depict the design that will ultimately be printed on all of the cardboard products that will be fed through the folder gluer.

Once you have prepared a prototype, run the prototype through the folder gluer. if there are any inconsistencies in the design, once the box product passes through the folder gluer, make modifications to the design.

The Ink And Coating Products

Use quality ink products when adding print to a batch of cardboard materials. Apply a translucent sealant over the dry print. Cardboard products support the use of a UV sealant or an aqueous coating.

Applying a protective coating to cardboard will prevent scuff marks or fading. Do not apply a UV sealant or aqueous coating to cardboard sections that will have an adhesive added to them. If a coating is applied to surfaces that will ultimately contain an adhesive, the adhesive may not bond properly. A UV sealant or aqueous coating will reflect sunlight and prevent moisture from entering a cardboard mailer or carton.

Cold And Hot Adhesives

Automatic and semi-automatic folder gluers support the use of cold adhesives and hot adhesives. If you have invested in a folder gluer that supports producing a wide range of cardboard materials, research which type of adhesive will be best suited for each cardboard material that is being mass-produced onsite.

The manufacturer of the folder gluer will specify the cardboard types and thicknesses that will be best for a particular type of cold or hot glue product. The failure to use a glue product that is approved for the type of equipment that you have invested in could result in boxboard products not remaining sturdy once they are used to ship goods from your business.

For more information about print folder gluers, contact a local supplier.