If you have a DOT (department of transportation) position and ever receive a substance abuse violation — such as for alcohol — you may have to go through a professional program. It will help you in a couple of ways.

Receive Education on Substance Abuse

One of the first things you need to do after a DOT violation due to substance abuse is learn more about substance abuse as a whole. You can if you go through a DOT substance abuse professional program.

You'll learn how substance abuse can affect a person's life, ways it can impact other people's lives, and ultimately how to overcome a substance abuse problem. As long as you're willing to sit through this program and really take in the education that you receive, you can better your life and subsequently prevent substance abuse from controlling it.

Work One-on-One With an SAP

When you go through a DOT substance abuse program, you'll get to work with an SAP (substance abuse professional). They are available to guide you through this program and ensure you get the most from it.

They know all about substance abuse and the temptations you might have to battle every single day, whether you abuse alcohol or drugs. You can lean on them for support. They can also ensure you get the right things out of this program to live free of substance abuse once and for all. 

Show You Can be Trusted

After receiving a DOT violation, the only real way you may be able to return back to work is if you show you can be trusted again. That's possible if you go through a DOT substance abuse professional program. 

In addition to gaining meaningful education on substance abuse, you'll have access to treatment options and aftercare services that can help you avoid substance abuse in the future.

You'll take measured steps to live a better, cleaner life, and this won't go unnoticed. Your employer will see this and may wish to reinstate you back to the same position that you had before the DOT violation occurred. 

Facing a DOT violation can be tough, but you can work your way back to a promising future if you just go through a DOT substance abuse professional program. It will give you stability and the chance to make amends for past mistakes you made. 

For more information, contact a substance abuse professional provider.