If you're an avid golfer, it can be fun to come up with ideas for framed pieces to hang on your walls. There are all sorts of options, but don't overlook the possibility of framing one or more actual golf balls. If you have a number of special golf balls in your collection, framing them can be a good way to protect and display them. Visit a custom framing studio that has experience framing different kinds of items so that you can talk to a framing professional and come up with some ideas. Here are three custom framing ideas for golf balls.

Ball And Scorecard

If you've been lucky enough to score a hole in one at some point in your life, it's almost certain that you kept the ball that you used to make this shot. Framing the ball can be a good way to celebrate this accomplishment, and you can place the framed piece in an area of your home or even your office where people will see it. Your framing professional will recommend a shadow box frame, as its depth can easily accommodate your golf ball. You can accompany the ball with your scorecard from the round if you kept it after achieving the feat. You may also wish to include a small plaque that lists the date of your hole in one and the course at which it occurred.

Multiple Balls

A lot of golfers build collections of special balls from different courses that they visit. For example, if you take an annual golf vacation, you might make a point of buying a ball with a logo from each course you visit. This collection can be perfect for framing, and your custom framer will be able to create a frame that will accommodate your collection — whether it's 10 balls or perhaps several dozen balls. They can even create a frame with spaces for more balls than you currently have so that you can add new balls to the frame in the years ahead.

Ball And Photo

Another good option to consider is a golf ball with a photo. There are lots of scenarios in which you might have a special ball and a related image that you wish to frame together. For example, if you often attend professional golf events, you may have acquired a player's ball after they tossed it into the crowd. This is obviously a special keepsake, and a custom framed piece that features the ball and a glossy, high-quality photo of the player can be exciting to have.

Learn more by reaching out to a custom framing studio.