Are you thinking of doing some planning for the end of your life? Perhaps this includes contacting a local funeral home or looking into burial or cremation services? These decisions are highly personal, but today, more and more people are choosing cremation instead of traditional casket burial because it is much more affordable for them and their families. Here are just some of the different ways that cremation may help you save money or help your family save money if they are paying for it after you've passed.

An Urn Viewed at Home is Much Cheaper Than a Casket Viewed in a Funeral Home

Yes, you do have to pay money for the actual act of cremation and then will need to buy an urn for your ashes. But even both of these expenses combined are typically cheaper than paying for the average casket. You may be able to save even more money by having a private viewing in your own home or the home of a friend or family member. In other words, you can skip the viewing at the funeral home altogether and have family and friends gather in your living room where your urn will be placed front and center or on a nearby mantle. Funeral homes provide a valuable service, but those services cost money and maybe you are OK with a more low-key final goodbye to your family and friends.

You May Not Need to Spend Money on a Cemetery Plot, Either

Some people who choose to get cremated still select a cemetery plot and have their urn placed into the ground. But there are a variety of other ways to get creative regarding your final resting place. The simplest one might be to just have your urn placed in the home of a family member, which won't cost anyone a cent. You could also decide to have your ashes spread in a specific spot like the ocean. Just make sure you won't get in trouble with authorities if you want to spread ashes in a public space.

An Urn is Cheaper to Travel With If You Need Your Remains Transported Back Home

Do you currently live on one side of the country but you want your funeral to take place in your original hometown in another city or state? Asking someone who is with you in your current town to transport your body to another city can be costly. There are certain rules and regulations that must be followed when transporting a body. You may find that rules are much more relaxed and the cost will be lower though if you are cremated prior to having your remains put onto a plane. This could remove a significant expense for your loved ones that they will otherwise have to pay even before your actual funeral or burial service begins.