If you have an older home and your bathroom needs some changes there are many things you can do to improve it. Below are two suggestions that will help you get started transforming your bathroom.

Bathtub Reglazing

If your bathtub is in good condition but still has problems, such as stains, shallow cracks, shallow scratches, and more, then bathtub reglazing is a good choice. Hire a professional to do this for you as it is not an easy job. 

The contractor will first strip off the old finish and then sand the bathtub. This is an important part of the process as there must be a smooth surface for the reglazing to work well. Once this is finished, the contractor will fix things like cracks, chips, holes, rust spots, and the like. They will then start the reglazing process, which is don't be putting multiple layers of primer on the bathtub. Once all of this is dried, a sealant is applied over the primer. You can generally start using your bathtub in a few days. 

Your bathtub should last you for many years after the reglazing process is finished. The contractor can give you more information about the bathtub reglazing process, as well as the process they use.

Update Bathroom Vanity

If your bathroom vanity is old, updating it will make a big difference. There are different types of vanities to choose from. One is a pedestal sink, which is a free-standing option. There is no storage underneath the sink as there is with many vanities. One benefit of this type of vanity is it looks great in any kind of bathroom no matter what type of décor you like. 

There are also free-standing vanities, which are much like a pedestal sink but have a rectangular or square look. You can purchase one of these vanities with two sinks, which is beneficial if you have a large family. You can find these in a variety of finishes and designs.  

There are floating vanities that are mounted on a wall. This works great in small bathrooms as a floating vanity does not need a lot of space. You also do not have to connect the vanity to the floor, which is why it is called a floating vanity. You do have to be cautious with this type of vanity as if there is too much force it could fall off the wall. 

There are many more things you can do to your bathroom, such as painting the walls, changing the flooring, adding storage, and installing a new toilet.