If you intend on inviting people to your home for a large event, you may have considered renting a portable restroom for the occasion. These are especially beneficial if you do not wish to have several guests coming into your home to use the bathroom. Safety, however, is a must. Here are steps to take to ensure guests remain safe when around a rented portable restroom.

Check Out Your Property For The Best Location

Before a rental service comes to your home to set up a portable restroom, it is best to have an idea about the placement for the unit. You do not want to install a restroom upon a hill, a gravel surface, or an area with excessive moisture content. Each of these surfaces could cause the restroom to shift or tip due to uncertain ground conditions. Instead, opt for a completely flat surface. You want this spot to be close enough to the activity of your event, but far enough for privacy. The rental service you select to drop off a unit will assist with the selection of the best possible location at the time of setup if you are not sure where to position it.

Keep A Sign On Hand For Availability

Most portable restrooms have locking mechanisms that alert others of occupancy. This is not always the case, however, so it is best to be prepared for the possibility of renting a unit without this feature. Construct a sign saying "Occupied" on one side and "Unoccupied" on the other. Affix to the exterior door of the portable restroom unit. This is not only beneficial for privacy reasons but also so there is less of a chance of excessive weight bearing upon the front of the unit should someone try entering it when it is already occupied, but not locked.

Be Aware Of Weather Conditions

You do not want the portable restroom subjected to excessive wind or rain if possible. If your event is being held during a time when inclement weather is a possibility, keep on top of weather forecasts so you can change your event date if necessary. A call to the portable restroom rental service is all that is needed to swap dates. If you do have your event go on as planned, consider using a canvas tent or carport over the unit to help minimize the potential for tipping of the unit or moisture accumulation inside of the unit. Contact a portable restroom supplier for more information.