If you have things like documents that need to be shipped and they're rather large or thick, the best resource you could probably use is a mailing tube. These tubes come in many sizes and are exceptionally strong. You'll have an easy time using them if you follow this protocol.

Avoid Wasted Space

One thing you want to avoid with mailing tubes is having extra space. It might look good because then your documents have plenty of room, but this unused space is just costing you money on tubing material.

It's better to have documents fit in just perfectly to where there isn't a lot of extra space. You'll save money and have documents that will be snug all the way until the tubes are opened up at their target destination.

If you aren't sure which size can provide a snug design, you might sample some and put your documents inside to see what works best.

Consider Bulk Orders

If you know that you'll be using these mailing tubes quite frequently to send out documents to various parties, then you might consider buying these tubes in bulk as opposed to getting them one at a time.

The initial costs might be a little off-putting, but most suppliers offer better rates when you order multiple mailing tubes at a time. And if you do this frequently, some suppliers will add discounts that let you save even more money when sending out specialized documents through the mail.

Decide Between Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty

You can get mailing tubes with a light-duty or heavy-duty design. The former option isn't as durable because it may not need to be. You may just have plain documents that need standard protection. You'll save money if you go with this type of design.

Whereas if you have sensitive documents that need as much protection as possible, heavy-duty mailing tubes are ideal. They're uniquely constructed to withstand whatever abuse comes their way.

You'll find that these tubes are costlier, but you may be willing to sacrifice on saving money if you're dead-set on protecting your documents any way you can.

Mailing tubes are capable of transporting documents in a secure way. There are just some documents that need this type of protection. Whether it's real estate contracts or architectural plans, these mailing tubes will prove to be a meaningful shipping resource if you use them correctly and understand how to get the most out of them.

Reach out to a local shipment supply store that offers products like Kraft tubes to learn more.