Whenever you can repair and fix areas in and around your home with easy DIY products, you save yourself a repair bill and you feel good about your successful efforts. Expanding polyurethane foam is a great way to insulate and fill in the gaps around your home exterior and interior, which can keep out the cold and pests. But before you start spraying the foam insulation anywhere, be sure you know how to use it properly. Here are some recommendations to help you use your spray expanding polyurethane foam successfully within your home and property.

Use Proper Protection

You should always protect yourself from harm and hazards when you are using any type of spray foam product. Wear rubber gloves and long sleeves on your shirt and a pair of long pants. It can be common for the spray foam to get onto you when you are using it, and you don't want it to harden onto your skin. Also, wear eye protection to protect your vision from the potential of damage. Keep a wet rag close by so you can wipe it off any surface you may accidentally get it on.

Understand Expanding Foam's Limits

Expanding foam is a great way to seal up cracks and small openings in your home and yard, but you need to make sure you don't use it inappropriately or in a way that is going to damage or put your home at risk of problems. Be sure you only use spray foam that is not old or expired and is resistant to pests. And spray foam usually needs moisture to help it expand, so you may need to mist your work location with a spray bottle of water.

If you are planning to use the foam around your doors or windows, be sure the product you have selected is made for these areas. By using an expanding foam that is extra expansive, you can warp your window frames and make it difficult to open and close your windows; and the same can occur with your doors. Also, if you are planning to use it around any electrical wiring, boxes, or lighting, make sure the spray polyurethane foam you select from your retailer is rated for electrical use and is not flammable. 

Then, when you are finished using your spray foam product, store the can in the right manner. Once you have triggered the spray out of a foam can, there is a possibility some may continue to leak out after you have put the can away and stored it. To prevent damage to your storage area or shed, place the can of foam in a cardboard box so if any leaks out it will collect onto the box and not onto your favorite stereo speaker.

For more information, reach out to an expanding foam supplier.