When you invest in enterprise content management (ECM) software for your business, you want the software to make your business life easier to handle.

The qualities that will make a good ECM software for your business really depend on the priorities of your business and software needs. If managing workflow is important for your ECM to handle, there are specific traits you will want to look for in the software.

Trait #1: Ability to Push Documents Through Sequential Steps

If managing workflow is important, you want to make sure you are able to move documents through sequential steps that allow you to move documents through a formal business process.

For example, if after Team A creates a document, then Team Leader A has to review it, before passing it on to the managing group, you are going to want an ECM software that allows you to create defined workflow engines so that documents and information can be pushed through a defined business sequence that will allow work to be quickly reviewed by all relevant parties.

Trait #2: Document Review Process

Second, you don't want to just send documents, you want to have the ability to review and revise documents.

You want to have an ECM system that allows you to send documents back for revision or pass on documents with comments adding to the documents to explain reasoning and thinking. You need a system that allows for documents to be approved and sent forward or sent back for revision.

You need a complicated review process that allows for the nuances of how your business really deals with documents.

Trait #3: Keep Workflow in the Right Environment

The workflow application should not feel completely foreign. You want a workflow system that allows you to incorporate it with other applications that you already use, such as Microsoft Office.

A workflow system that allows you to work in the native software while enjoying enhanced workflow programming will help make adapting to the use of ECM software easier on your team.

Trait #4: Allow for an Administrative Dashboard

Finally, you want an ECM software that allows for the use of an administrative dashboard. The purpose of the administrative dashboard with a workflow focus is to allow you to track the status of items you have submitted to the overall workflow process. As the owner of a document, you should always be able to track and see what is happening with that document.

When it comes to purchasing an ECM software, if the workflow is a top priority for your business, you need to make sure you choose an ECM software that allows for documents to be pushed through sequential steps with the ability for document revisions and comments.

You want an ECM software that allows for the native applications to be integrated into the workflow environment and the ability to track work once it is submitted. These are just some of the traits that are important with ECM software when the workflow is one of your top interests.

For more information, reach out to a company that offers ECM software products.