Perhaps the most important thing you can do for your legal claim is for you to find accident attorneys that are right for you. Here are a few common questions about doing so. 

Does the accident lawyer usually represent individuals or companies?

This is one of the first questions you should ask when you start calling attorneys about your accident claim. While many accident lawyers do take on both individuals and commercial or business clients, it is best if the lawyer has more experience with individuals with similar cases. 

Is the law firm a small firm or a large firm?

There is no rule saying that a small or large law firm is any better, but sometimes larger firms have more resources available than smaller firms. For example, a larger firm may have its own paralegals, evidence collection team, and more. However, some smaller firms also can have fewer clients, which means more hands-on attention from a lawyer in charge of your claim. 

How open is the lawyer to discussion during the initial interactions?

If you do schedule an initial consultation with the lawyer about an accident claim, you should make sure the legal professional is open to discussing your claim and any concerns you have. You may have questions about: 

  • How long the claims process will take 
  • Evidence that you will need to be collecting throughout the claims process 
  • Who you should and should not communicate with 
  • How much your damages are and what compensation could be 

The best accident lawyers will set aside ample time for these initial meetings so they can answer all of your questions. If you feel rushed or like the attorney is not openly available for discussion, they may not be the best choice. 

Do you have a hard time speaking to an actual lawyer when you call for assistance?

If it takes you several contact attempts to get to speak with an attorney who will be representing your case, it is usually a good sign that the lawyers who are at the firm are overwhelmed with clients. There is nothing wrong with occasionally having to speak with a legal secretary or a paralegal about your case, as this is common practice when attorneys at the firm are tied up with the court processes. However, if you are leaving a lot of messages and reaching out for communication that is being disregarded, it is best to move onto another firm.