If you own a laundromat and your equipment is getting old, you need to replace the equipment with new. There are many benefits of doing this, two of which are listed below. You can then get everything replaced to keep your laundry room running.

Choose a Washer

If you are planning to replace the washers in your laundry mat, you have many choices to make. There are top loader washers which were commonly used in the past. This type can be beneficial for some patrons as you do not have to bend over while putting clothes in the washer. Because of this, you should at least install a few top loads in your laundromat. 

Front loaders are another type of what you see in most laundromats today. This type of washer is more efficient when compared to other types when it comes to how much energy and water they use. This is because the basket inside the washing machine is horizontal, which means less water is used to fill the washing machine. 

There are also washer extractors available. These are much larger than the standard washing machine. You will also hear this referred to as a side loader. This type works great for large items, such as bedsheets and comforters. This is because after the wash is completed, the clothing or other items in the wash are transferred to a hydro extractor.  This hydro extractor removes even more water than the washing machine does during the spin cycle. 

Choose a Dryer

Something that is just as important as the washer is the dryers that you choose. Just like with the washers, there are top load dryers and front load dryers. If you choose to install some top load washers in your laundromat also install top load dryers.

Front load dryers are also available, which are generally larger and will dry clothes quicker. This can be beneficial for your customers because they can dry more clothing at one time so they can get home quicker. When purchasing a dryer, make sure the dryers are made for industrial purposes. You do not want to purchase dryers that are not powerful enough to handle the large loads that will likely be put in them. More powerful dryers may use more electricity but you will save money because they dry faster. 

Talk with companies like Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. to decide which equipment would work best for your laundromat.