Even the most desirable of bird species can become a problem if left uncontrolled. Issues can arise from droppings, nesting behaviors, attitudes from nuisance birds and even excessive consumption of seed from bird feeders. No matter the situation, there are 5 things you can try before contacting a bird control services company.

Eliminate Standing Water on Your Property

People who want to attract birds often put out birdbaths. You may have an accidental birdbath lingering somewhere on your property. Even a depression in a yard can allow water to pool after a storm, and that spot can become a playground for birds who want to splash around and clean off. Other problem areas include gutters that are clogged, rooftops that aren't draining properly and items left in the yard that collect water.

Swap Out the Bird Feed You Use

If you're someone who feeds birds, you likely don't want to punish all the birds that come to your place just to rid yourself of the nuisance ones. It's worth doing a bit of research on what types of food attract which birds. Narrow down the kinds of seeds that are going in your feeder, and eliminate any that might be bringing in the rat birds. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to discontinue feeding altogether.

Is It a Bug Problem?

Birds are pretty prone to thinking with their stomachs, and seed may not be the only food source on your property. For example, woodpeckers are known to attack wooden structures to get at bugs like ants and bees that may burrow into the wood. If you see birds favoring specific spots on your house, you may want to consider whether they're coming for the fine-dining experience. Search the area for signs of infestation, especially any small holes. On the bright side, you may end up solving two problems in one shot.

Patch Your House

Small holes often make for excellent nesting areas. Even the largest birds can fit their bodies into some surprisingly tight spaces so don't dismiss any particular opening as impossible. If it's a spot that needs to breathe, such as the roof cap of the house, there are meshes designed for bird control projects that can be installed over the gaps.

Cut Back Foliage

Birds like to perch, and trees are their natural place to hang out. Trimming or removing trees and bushes near your house may deter them.