Customers want to feel like you hear them, especially when they send an email. While it would be unreasonable to expect a business to personally reply to every email, immediately, there is a way you can make your customers feel heard, and it comes in the form of an auto response. Learn why incorporating automatic email responses are great for your business and an excellent marketing strategy. 

Sell Generation

An auto-response to a customer email is an excellent opportunity for you to generate more sales for your company. As part of the response, you can also include an exclusive coupon for a future purchase or even a trial offer if you have subscription options. These types of incentives motivate consumers to buy, even if it is not immediately. Additionally, including something special in the email, lets your customers know you value them.

Increased Website Traffic

Auto responses also offer a great opportunity for you to incorporate links from your website to, in turn, direct customers back to your website. For example, you could include a link back to your current sales or promotions page or even a link to your about us page. The point is, the more time you can get a potential customer to spend on your website, the more likely it is for the person to eventually turn into a customer.   

Excellent Branding

When it comes to building business relationships, branding is very important. Branding is about more than just a nice logo or a slogan. It is about cementing your business into the mind of a customer. When you send the auto-response, it is an excellent opportunity to also brand your business, by including your logo, business location and contact information, and slogan within the body of the response. 

Increased Productivity

No request from a customer is too small to ignore. However, there are some requests that can really hamper the productivity of your staff. For instance, assume a customer sent in an email about a missing order, but the issue with the order will require some investigation. If the customer sends the email and doesn't receive a response, they might assume the message was not received and call. An auto response lets the customer know their message was received, and that a team member is working on it.

If you want to experience these and many other benefits, a digital marketing specialist can help. Contact a company like Kaizen Sigma LLC today.