Anyone that enjoys tackling home improvement projects on their own knows how important it is to have a wide variety of tools at your disposal. The right tool for the right job can shave off hours of manual labor. When it comes to saving time, power sanders are some of the most efficient and useful tools. But where do you start? Here are a few of the best power sanders you should consider having in your garage.

Random Orbital Sanders

The first power sander you should consider adding to your shop is the random orbital sander. This tool uses a randomized orbit action to avoid leaving uniform patterns like swirl marks on the material you're sanding. They typically have a one-handed rounded palm grip. They're also useful because they're not sensitive to the direction of the wood grain. Random orbital sanders are not to be confused with the orbital finishing sander. The major difference is that random orbital sanders have round sanding pads rather than square, typically in a 5 or 6-inch diameter with a peel-and-stick type sandpaper or Velcro. The sandpaper is available anywhere from a course 60-grit to a fine 220-grit. Most modern versions come with a vacuum dust-collection bag attachment to keep the dust to a minimum as you work.  

Belt Sanders

If you regularly have really tough sanding jobs that's require a lot of muscle-power to get the right finish, the belt sander is a tool you need in your shop. Belt sanders are powerful and useful for sanding flat surfaces with rough materials in either metal or wood. The sander has two drums that spin a belt. The motor powers the rear drum while the front spins freely. Belt sanders also have a tracking knob with which you can adjust the tension to your specifications. Belt sanders are also useful because there are a wide variety of belts and belt materials available. For example, a rough 2x36 Scotch medium size belt would be perfect for de-burring or removing rust or you could swap for a 2x36 polishing- belt for polishing your material to a mirror-finish. The options are really endless.  

Orbital Finishing Sander

The final power sander to have in your DIY arsenal is an orbital finishing sander. Because these sanders are lightweight and easily held in the palm of one hand, they're perfect for finishing jobs like rounding corners, sanding off excess wood putty, or sanding in between coats of varnish. The pad vibrates in orbits, assisting you as you sand in any direction. Because they're so lightweight and gentle, it's very difficult to mar the finish. These sanders typically use spring-loaded clamps to keep a square, flat piece of sandpaper in place. You can use a variety of grits, from 40 to 600.

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