One of the advantages of moving to Canada from the United States is you can simply transport your belongings across the border in a moving truck. However, because it is a separate country, here are two challenges you may encounter during your relocation.

Disposing of the Moving Truck

Transporting your belongings using a moving truck will probably be the cheapest option for getting your stuff to your new home. The immediate challenge you'll face, though, is getting the moving truck back to the rental company.

A lot of moving truck rental companies allow one-way trips where you pick the truck up in one location and drop it off in another. The problem with a US-to-Canada move is an American rental company may not have any drop-off locations in Canada (or the locations are too far away from your new home).

There are a few ways you can deal with this issue, the first being to rent from a company that does have locations near where you're relocating too. Be aware, though, that the price you pay for the rental may be significantly higher than if you traveled the same amount of distance in the US because of the added complexity involved with leaving a foreign vehicle in another country.

The second option is to rent the truck normally—instead of as a one-way trip—and have someone drive the vehicle back to the rental facility. It's easier to hire a third-party driver, since if you drive it yourself, you'll have to worry about getting back to your Canadian home after dropping off the truck. However, it may be cheaper to make the trip yourself. It's best to crunch the numbers to determine which is a better option.

Everything Must Be Documented

Because you're crossing the border into a different country, there are things you won't be allowed to transport in the van. Some of these things are fairly obvious. For instance, poisonous, illegal, or flammable materials are not allowed.

However, others aren't as common-sense. For example, you cannot transport commercial items over the Canadian border in a moving van. This means that if you own a home business where you sell products, you may need to either sell everything in America or find an alternative way to get your inventory to your new home.

It's essential that you connect with the Canadian border security to determine which items are barred from being brought into the country and remove these items from your belongings before you make the trip.

For more information about these and other challenges you may face crossing the border in a moving truck, contact a local rental company or visit this site.