When it comes to office equipment, even momentary downtime can wreak havoc on productivity. That's particularly true where the copier is concerned. If your office is like most, there's usually a line that forms at the copier. Even if you have multiple copiers on site, the removal of one can slow things down considerably. Don't let productivity suffer because your copier is down. Here are four simple strategies you can utilize in your office to keep your copier up and running:

Choose the Location Carefully

When you set up your office copiers, it's important to remember that location is everything. Placing your copiers in a high-traffic area of the office might make it more accessible to staff, but it will also make it more susceptible to breakdowns. That's because high-traffic areas bring high volumes of dust, which can destroy your copier if it gets into the printing mechanism. To prevent dust problems, choose a quiet location for your copiers. You should also choose a location that's away from direct sunlight, as too much heat can also damage your copier.

Schedule Maintenance in Advance

When things get hectic in the office, it can be easy to forget about things like copier maintenance. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance, your copier can go on the fritz when you least expect it, and at the most inopportune moment. To make sure you don't lose track of time, and forget about the copier maintenance, schedule those appointments in advance. That way, even if you forget about it, your maintenance tech won't.

Insist on Proper Training

You may think that a copier shouldn't require training before use, but you'd be wrong. Actually, like any piece of office equipment, your staff should be trained on proper copier use before being given the go-ahead to use it. Scheduling routine training sessions for your office copier will ensure that everyone who uses it, knows exactly how it should be operated. Not only that, but you can also train them on proper procedures for handling a malfunction, such as a paper jam, or a toner malfunction.

Pay Attention to the Indicator Lights

When it comes to the proper handling of your office copier, it's important to remember that those indicator lights are there for a purpose. If you, and your staff, pay attention to them, they'll let you know when there's a problem. They'll also help you avoid problems by letting you know when additional maintenance is needed.

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