When you first met your husband, you knew that you would be together forever. You also knew that being in the military meant that he could be sent anywhere in the world. While you are naturally nervous about him being away for so long, the truth is that absence truly can make the heart grow fonder if you know how to handle the distance. As your family prepares for the separation, keep these tips in mind for maintaining a spark that carries clear across the ocean.

Give Him Visuals

Men are visual creatures, and you can bet that your husband would love to see a sexy pic of you anytime. Spend some time snapping selfies until you feel comfortable that you have found your best angles, and send him a few. You can increase the anticipation by making sure to send the pictures randomly when he least expects them. Alternatively, you could surprise him with a sensual picture of you right after you buy a vibrator that lets him know what's on your mind.

Schedule Online Date Nights

While your husband may be staying in a foreign country, that doesn't mean that you cannot have dates. Once he knows when his free time will be, set up regular dates where you can video chat and reconnect. On your date nights, try to avoid bringing up mundane topics such as the bills. Instead, focus on having a few sweet and sexy moments that will drive your husband wild when he thinks about them later. Consider dressing up in your favorite lingerie and give him a few peeks. Alternatively, you could engage in a little game of truth or dare that takes a sexy turn.

Keep Yourself Revved Up

When you go months without any action, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things even after your husband comes home. For this reason, it helps to look for vibrators for sale from retailers like Adore Me More that can help you keep your sex drive high for when you see each other again. Remember to pamper yourself during this time. Simply knowing that you have your hair freshly styled or that you are wearing that sexy new set of lingerie will also help you to keep those long-distance chats with your husband hot enough to stoke his desires.

Keeping the spark alive is possible no matter where your husband is stationed by just making a little effort to maintain the sensual part of your relationship. By making romance a priority, you can survive the next several months while looking forward to the moment when you can once again enjoy those sweet kisses in person.