You sometimes joke that your business is your baby, but you can't help but feel that sense of pride that comes with knowing that all of your hard work has led to your company making it through it's first year. Although the past year has been full of challenges, you still consider it a success. After all, growing a company from nothing is an amazing experience. Now that you have the first year behind you, it is time to review how things are working so that you can implement changes that bring you more success in the upcoming year. As you prepare to cut that cake, be sure to add these tips to your celebration that will jumpstart your second year of owning a business:

Review Your Hiring Policies and Onboarding Procedures

When you first started your business, you likely began with a small crew of dedicated staff members. Now, growth has likely led to new positions that must be filled with highly trained applicants who are eager to be a member of your team. For this reason, you will need to assess your staffing needs to determine where new positions need to be opened or if someone deserves a higher title for all the hard work they do. Then, consider revising your onboarding procedures to reflect changes in how your business is expected to operate in the upcoming year.

Stay Up-To-Date On Your Certifications

Many certifications and licenses need to be renewed after the first year. Ideally, you should begin this process early since it can sometimes take a couple of weeks to get your renewal application process. As you update your certifications, make sure to stay on top of your women owned business certification renewal so that you can continue to benefit from the exposure it brings for expanding your business opportunities.

Revise Your Current Marketing Plan

Last year, much of your marketing focused on promoting a fledgling business. Now that yours has flourished, it is time to move forward with a revised marketing plan that makes it clear that your company is firmly established. For example, marketing your company as women-friendly on social media makes it stand out from the competition.

Congratulations on reaching the hallmark event of celebrating your company's first full year of operations. While this day is exciting, it is also important to continue looking toward the future so that your business continues to grow. Focusing on staying on top of your certifications while updating your hiring processes allows you to continue to maintain a competitive edge in your company's marketplace.

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