Whether you are traveling for business or are going somewhere for fun without your friends or family members, there is no doubt that sending home interesting souvenirs is a great way to memorialize the event. However, posters, large photos, and food items are not always going to transport well in the trunk of your car or as checked baggage on your flight home. Therefore, in order to protect your newly acquired and precious belongings, it's a good idea to ask the following questions when you are determining which shipping tubes will best meet your needs.

How Long Does it Take to Create Custom Tubes?

Given that you are away from home, regardless of the reason for your trip, there is an excellent possibility that time is of the essence. As such, it is very important to be sure that you can access the right custom mailing tube as soon as possible. Otherwise, the souvenirs that you carefully picked out could easily get moved or accidentally damaged due to your travels. 

That means that as soon as you have purchased the items for shipping or if you know in advance the precise dimensions of the items you plan to buy, it's a good idea to obtain a tube for their safekeeping. By extension, it's easy to see that a custom tube is often necessary, in order to accommodate the size and bulk of the newly purchased items. However, unless you plan to reuse the tube in question once you get home, disposing of it in an environmentally responsible way is also important, as discussed next.  

Are the Tubes Made of a Recyclable Material? 

Another important detail to consider is the materials that are used to create your tubes. Specifically, you'll want to be sure that the paper used in the construction of your mailing tubes is not laminated or otherwise coated in plastic. In addition, Styrofoam cannot be present, since all three of those materials either can't be recycled at all or can only be recycled in a few areas.   

Fortunately, it is rarely difficult to find tubes made of paper, cardboard or recyclable plastic.  If you are sending home a perishable item that requires refrigeration, it's easy to overlook the portable ice pack that accompanies it in the tube. Since that item is often plastic-based, you may also want to verify its ability to be recycled.  

In conclusion, custom shipping tubes are easily created by a number of different retailers and therefore, you can almost definitely find the right unit to safely ship home fun souvenirs from your trip. To learn more about your options, contact services like Chicago Mailing Tube Co.