Losing a job for any reason can be disappointing. However, when you're downsized, you've not done anything wrong and it can be particularly shocking. In your panic to locate another job, you might have considered and then dropped the idea of getting work as a temp; you may think you need a full-time, permanent option. However, temporary jobs for hire are valuable for many of the reasons below:

You'll Have Some Money Flowing In

Instead of spending all of your time reading wanted ads or following up with different job sites--which brings in no money--temp jobs can ensure that you have some cash flowing in. This gives you the ability to find the right job instead of a random full-time job that you only accept to have a salary. In fact, you might find that the pay rates you get could be a bit higher than you're used to; the temp agency doesn't withhold money for health insurance and other costs that a full-time check would.

You Could Find Your Next Job

A way to find that full-time position you're looking for could be one that you don't suspect. Temp jobs are by nature temporary, but many employers turn to temporary staffing firms because their workers have been pre-screened. They can pick up their own new employees by trying them out for a short period first. It's not unusual for a temp worker to be hired or remembered for later position openings.

You Might Be Able to Finally Take a Vacation

The flexibility offered by a temp job is rarely found in full-time work. If you've never been able to make it out to family members' homes for the holidays, with a temp job you may now have that ability. Each temp contract you take locks you into work for a set period; after that, your time is your own. You might even be able to take that vacation you couldn't take before.

You Can Change Careers

If you never really liked the work you did, temp jobs can provide an opportunity to change the type of work you do. You may have always worked for marketing companies, for example, but you might pick up a temporary job at a magazine or a newspaper. You may ultimately start an entirely new career based on the new work you get.

Temp jobs are a fantastic solution for many people that are downsized. Visit local agencies for more specific help and information.