If you own your own business then you want to make sure you stay up to date on the changes regarding the laws and regulations when it comes to catering and protecting those with disabilities. You will do this by making sure that you are regularly looking up any new regulations for the ADA, as well as HIPPA.

Depending on the industry your business falls under, you may be required to follow the guidelines for one or both of these. Once area of concern you may run into will have to do with making sure your doorknobs are in compliance. Here are some of the things you want to consider when you are choosing the doorknobs for your business so you know you are in compliance:

Understand the need for ADA compliance

The first thing you want to do is to make sure you understand the need for ADA compliance when it comes to doorknobs. Consider that a disabled person is trying to enter your business and they aren't able to. This can prevent them from being able to get an item or service they may really need, depending on what your business is. However, the disabled should have full access to every type of business everyone else has access to.

Also, consider what may happen if there was an emergency and a disabled person had to flee to safety, but they got locked in because they couldn't open the door. In this circumstance, it could be the difference between life and death. Keep in mind that all commercial businesses need to maintain ADA compliance. Also, being in compliance shows that your business can be counted on to both follow laws and regulations and that you care for the safety and convenience of all that wish to enter your establishment.

Know requirements for doorknobs on businesses when it comes to ADA compliance

First of all, any locks, pulleys and handles that are attached to the doors of your business need to be workable with one hand to qualify as ADA compliance locks. They must also not need to be twisted or require an extreme amount of grasping in order to get them to open the door.

The doorknobs on your businesses door also need to be installed at 48 inches from the floor or less. This way, people who are in a wheelchair will be able to reach the doorknob on their own and without risking falling in order to open the door.