With plenty of doctors telling you to stay hydrated for better health, you wouldn't think that your own tap could be a source of health issues,. But tap water can present a few challenges for its consumers.

Food Sensitivity

Tap water is sometimes treated with dichlorophenols, which can cause unpleasant reactions in some people. The same chemical is found in some pesticides, and it can make you more sensitive to food allergies.

Skin Conditions

Hard water can be a cause of skin rashes in many individuals. Your shower water is a major source of exposure to hard water if you don't have the proper water filters in your home. Skin conditions can also arise if your water source contains an unacceptable level of chemicals from a local spill.

Bacterial Issues

Though bacteria and viruses are more an issue if you get your water from a well or other personal water source, if there is a problem with the pipes that connect the municipal water source to your tap, bacteria can enter there and cause your troubles. Any sickness that doesn't go away, or that affects multiple people in the house for a long period of time, should be investigated as a possible water quality issue.

Thankfully, the right water conditioning system can treat all of these issues. You can eliminate excess minerals with a water conditioning system. For bacteria, a mesh filter (think reverse osmosis) will clean them all out. Chemicals such as iodine may be used in more remote water filtration systems, and UV lights can be used on the go to eliminate pests as well.

Aside from that, get your water tested for unacceptable levels of chemicals, viruses, or minerals. Investigate your local scene and see if there are any environmental spills or wastewater treatment issues that could be affecting your property. If you're the owner of a well water system, get the well checked for performance. It's recommended that you do well water testing and filtration on a regular, continual basis to ensure quality results.

Want to be absolutely sure you are not drinking water that contains excessive levels of bacteria, sediment, viruses, or minerals? Try bottled water delivery, at least until you can have your water quality tested several times to ensure high standards of filtration. This is a measure that is often necessary if you are experiencing repeated illnesses from your home or business tap water.