If you have worked independently and you have had a company that is only composed of yourself, but now you have to hire a few people, there are things that you have to consider. You can't just hire people with a set wage in mind, and not take into consideration what it will cost you in taxes to add them to your payroll. Before you hire anyone, and before you determine what you think you can afford to pay, you want to talk with a payroll professional. Talk with the expert about these things.

Employment Taxes

There are a lot of taxes taken out of someone's pay check, and your employee may have to pay taxes based on:

  • Where they reside
  • The city or township where they work
  • The school district they live in
  • The type of employee they are

You want to be sure that you are taking out what needs to be removed before they are paid, and that you have all of the information correct. Your payroll professional will help to make sure this is completed.

Payroll Service Fees

You have to pay to have someone do the payroll for you. This helps to keep everything organized and accurate, and it will make things every easy when it's time to file your taxes at the end of the year. Compare the costs of different professionals in your area, so you can see how much it's going to cost you to manage the employees you pay for.

Automatic Deposit Verses Checks

It's often easier and more affordable for companies to use automatic deposits to pay employees, instead of having to print off paper checks. Talk with the payroll expert to see how often they think you should do direct deposits, based on how often you pay and the amount, and what you should tell employees in advance.

The payroll professional should be able to help you figure out how to pay the least amount of taxes as well. Expanding your business and bringing on more employees can be easier and more affordable if you take the time to hire right the right type of financial professionals for your accounting and payroll needs. Make sure that you are ready to set up the payroll correctly, and that you have everything managed and set in place, before you pay anyone for any of the work that they do for you, or before you consider them an employee that works for your company. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Peach State Payroll.