Do you own or manage a Bed and Breakfast in your area? If so, you might already be planning for holidays that are soon upon us. From metal table toppers to selecting novelty linens for special holidays, here are some ideas that might help you to design something unique that your guests will enjoy:

Start With The Furniture - Buying the right pieces is a good beginning in decorating your Bed and Breakfast dining room:

  • Consider buying metal tables which are so beautiful that they don't even need a tablecloth. In addition, they are easy to clean and they are affordable.
  • Think of buying a large round copper table for the main table or to use for a large group of guests.
  • Small swirl aluminum tables are perfect for couples or for a foursome.
  • Buy matching metal chairs, or go with something totally different. For example, a great look with a round copper table would be to accent it with wooden ladder back chairs.

Make Your Decorating Plan - Think of keeping an accordion folder that you divide into the months of the year. For example, you can probably put June and August together, but you'll want a different section for July, as you'll probably want to feature red, white and blue decorations during that month. Of course, holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will have their own section in your accordion file.

  • Think of looking at magazines and decorating books from the past. You can often find those at your local library or at resale shops. Decorations from yesteryear mixed with today's new look can be very effective.
  • The great thing about having a metal table is that it is the perfect backdrop for any decorations you will use.
  • Consider using the autumn colors like yellow, orange and cranberry with things like wooden candelabras and pumpkins for Halloween. Then just add decorative pilgrims for your Thanksgiving table.
  • Christmas decorations will be sensational atop your aluminum tables. Use sold-fashioned shiny red ornaments along with newer gold or silver accent pieces. For example, mix silver angels in with the red ornaments and add gold candles for extra drama.

Even though your metal tables don't need an actual tablecloth, it will still be fun to buy either paper or fabric napkins that will go with the holiday you are celebrating. If you like the look of what you create, think of taking pictures that will help you to recreate the same look next year.

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